Thom Woodward, PHA

I started showing my own Rottweilers in AKC shows in 1976 and finished my first Champion shortly thereafter.

I started showing other people's dogs so that I could continue to compete in the show ring when one of mine was finished and the other wasn't mature enough yet.

In 1985, I was serious about showing dogs Professionally. I was attending an average of 100 shows each year and no longer had time for my 'regular' job.

In 1987, I joined PHA (Professional Handlers Association), which is an organization that has very rigorous requirements for their members in regard to conduct and proper facilities and care of dogs.

Even though I started out as an all breed handler, over the years I have become known for Rottweilers and I have handled well over two dozen of them to Top Ten status.

I have finished a dog from every group and I still enjoy showing the other breeds if they are short on coat and long on quality!

In 1978 I whelped and raised my first Von Siegerhaus litter and I am a breeder of many generations of AKC Champion Rottweilers. In 1999, I continued breeding von Siegerhaus lines with a new and improved approach, including many German Import Rottweiler studs and began registering my litters as Neu-Rodes.