The following are some of the dogs we have owned and/or bred and titled who don't carry the Neu-Rodes name. Some of the dogs are still active in our current pedigrees.

V rated, AKC pointed, Canadian CHAMPION
Black Ives Dynamite Dynasty

(Am/Can CH Jack B Quick von Siegerhaus CD PT BH x Devon Lynn's Black Gold PPD1 BH CD CS CI TT )

July 1998 - January 2013

participant of Dr. Waters Longevity study

V-1 Canadian CHAMPION
Redwood Crest’s Notdokt AD CGC CHIC 3306

(Int/SCG/BIH/VEJ CH Gonzzo Earl Antonius IPO1 x Karla Od Dragicevica IPO1)

5/23/2004 - 5/2014

our first natural tailed Rottweiler

Am/Can/Mex/International CHAMPION
Quick von Siegerhaus

(ARC SILVER; CH Birch Hill’s Hasso Manteuffel CDX TD x CH Meid von Siegerhaus)
7/15/1983 – 8/1993

Multip roup Winner/placer, Specialty Winner, Multi V-rated Canine Chronicle Top Ten 1987, Rutledge System Top Ten 1987; Recipient of Dog World Magazines Award of Canine Distinction.
 1988 #5 Rottweiler in Canada, and #3 Overall
 Sire of multiple Top 10 dogs, Best in Show dogs, and Top Producers

American/Canadian CHAMPION
Buddenhaus’ Babe V Siegerhaus CD PT HS BH TT


(ARC GOLD; CH Nelson van het Brabantpark
x A/C CH Heiress Hagen v Siegerhaus CD)

8/3/1994 – 2001

1998 ARC National Top Ten
1998 ARC National Top Ten Herding #2
1998 TRQ Top Ten #7 1996 Top Ten (RCC) Kennel Review Top Producer; MRC’s Honor Roll Babe raised $2000 in donations for Rottweiler Health Foundation’s CIRCLE 2000.

American/Canadian CHAMPION
Zana von Siegerhaus

(ARC GOLD; CH “Quick”
x ARC BRONZE; Select CH Kitty von Kodiak CD)

3/3/1987 - 1990

#1 Bitch ARC #2 Rottweiler 1989
 Group Winner, Multi-Group Placer
Zana never produced a puppy)

American/Canadian/UCI-Int CHAMPION
Jack B Quick von Siegerhaus CD PT BH TT RTD


(ARC GOLD; CH Quick von Siegerhaus SchH1 CDX
 x CH Becky vom Robulhaus)

2/12/1993 – 1999 (died in a car accident)

Group Winner, Multi-Group Placer, Multi V-1 rated
 Top Ten 1996 (RCC)

Can Ptd. Quinta von Siegerhaus CD CGC

(ARC GOLD; CH “Quick” x
Quinta von Siedlerfad SchH1)

3/26/1992 – 9/2005

Producer of multiple Champions and
National Top Ten ranked, “Dare”.

American/Canadian CHAMPION
Amos von Siegerhaus TT


(ARC BRONZE; “Aunka” x ARC GOLD; “Quick”)

6/15/1987 – 1997

Producer of multiple Top Ten dogs
Group Winner, Multi-Group Placer

American/Canadian CHAMPION
Zalakazam von Siegerhaus CGC

(A/C CH Mein Eiko von Siegerhaus CDX x “Quinta”)

1/7/1996 – 4/2008

Finished with both majors from the Bred-By class.
Only mothered two of her own babies, including “Mystic”, but mothered many of Babe’s puppies, and was a great grandma to all of Mystic’s!

American/Canadian CHAMPION
Dare to Deny von Siegerhaus CGC

(ARC GOLD; A/C CH Der Hagen’s Ruger V Adelant
 x “Quinta”)

D.O.B. 3/21/1997

1999 ARC National Top Ten
1998 RCC National Top Ten
co-owned with Dave and Verlynn Johns

CHAMPION Meid von Siegerhaus

(ARC BRONZE; CH Wotan von Kastanienbaum
x CH “Kyna”)

D.O.B. 2/22/1981

Always breeder owner handled, most points from BredBy. Mother of “Quick” Co-owned with Wanda Spediacci

American/Canadian CHAMPION
Adlerberg’s Aunka von Siegerhaus


(ARC BRONZE; CH Arenenberg Astro Warrior SchH3 x A/C CH Fraulein Anka von Ascothaus UD a/c CDX )

4/9/1983 - 1995

1984 National Top Ten ARC # 4
1986 National Top Ten ARC #5
V-1 rated ADRK Sieger show

BISS American/Canadian CHAMPION
Tymtel’s Asta von Adlerberg A/C CDX, Can UD TD


(ARC BRONZE; CH Arenenberg Astro Warrior SchH3 x A/C CH Fraulein Anka von Ascothaus UD )

4/9/1983 – 1994

V-rated, Group Placer
National Specialty winner (sister to Aunka)
Asta was owned by the Bradley family after Teresa’s mom trained Asta’s mom, Aunka Sr to her OTCH.

American/Canadian CHAMPION
Tymtel’s Bryte von Siegerhaus Am/Can CDX

(ARC GOLD; CH “Quick” x ARC BRONZE; CH “Asta”)

3/30/1987 – 6/1996

Group winner, and multiple Group placer.
Bryte was the first Rottweiler in BC to be handled to Best Junior Handler. Bryte spent a lot of time with Teresa while going for her titles. She was one of the best Rottweilers a young girl could ask for- She was constant companion for delivering newspapers and collecting the monthly dues.

American/Canadian CHAMPION
Elka von Siegerhaus CD

(ARC BRONZE; Kirsten’s Dandy Brandy (Top10-’87) x CH Bratiana’s Gus de Michaela)

6/15/1987 - 1999

MRC’s Hall of Fame, multiple Group Placer 1983 National Top Ten Bitch ARC#7 1984 National Top Ten Bitch ARC#3 1983 Canine Chronicle Top Ten

BIS, American/Canadian CHAMPION
Zarek von Siegerhaus

(ARC GOLD; CH “Quick” x ARC BRONZE; Select CH Kitty von Kodiak CD)

3/3/1987 - 1998

1991 Top Ten ARC
Multi Best in Show Winner; Group Winner; multiple Group Placer. From the amazing “Z” litter. Zarek was owned by Thom until he was a bit over 4 months. He was sold to the Zimmer's who waited for him to grow into his ears, then took him all the way! Shown by Rick Byrd.

American/Canadian CHAMPION
Zolti von Siegerhaus

(ARC GOLD; CH “Quick” x
ARC BRONZE; Select CH Kitty von Kodiak CD)

3/3/1987 – 10/1994

Littermates: CH Zana, CH Zarek, CH Zeus, CH Zarek

American/Canadian CHAMPION
Tymtel’s Jack of All Trades Am/Can CDX Can. UD

(ARC GOLD; CH “Quick” x ARC BRONZE; CH “Asta”)

3/30/1987 – 1998
1988 Canadian National Youth Sieger
pictured at his first show handled by Teresa; Woodinville Specialty 1989

American/Canadian CHAMPION
VCT Hannibal von Siegerhaus CD CGC

(ARC GOLD; CH “Amos” x CH “Brooks”)

2/21/1994 - 2004
1998 National Top Ten ARC #7
1988 TRQ Top Ten #9 and ARC TOP 20
Multiple Group Placer
Owned by Dr. Steve Brown

American/Canadian CHAMPION
Roberta’s Buddy DePattiz TD VB A/C CDX TT

9/1983- 03/1992

Thank you to Roberta Martin for allowing me to co-own Buddy so I could show in the US Junior Handling. He was my first Rottweiler on paper. He had a true Rottweiler personality and was extremely trustworthy. My first experience with a Rottweiler talker. He was wild for large rocks, and always had to bring one home. Pictured at the 1991 Washington National Specialty

Tymtel’s Kira von Siegerhaus CDX

(ARC GOLD; CH “Quick” x

4/4/1988 – 2000

1993 National Top Ten ARC #4
Kira was a working service dog for Chuck all her life. Kira was trained and trailed to her obedience titles by co-owner Chuck Schembri.

American/Canadian CHAMPION
Vixen von Siegerhaus

(ARC GOLD; CH “Quick” x
ARC BRONZE; CH “Nutmeg”)

D.O.B. 3/8/1986 -

ARC Top Ten Owned by Joanne Thatcher and sister to Vendetta

Vendetta von Siegerhaus Am/Can CDX

(ARC GOLD; CH “Quick” x
CH ARC BRONZE; “Nutmeg”)

D.O.B. 3/8/1986 -

Vendetta helped Teresa earn Best Junior in British Columbia. Also helped Teresa earn #1Junior in obedience

American/Canadian CHAMPION
Brooks von Siegerhaus

(ARC GOLD; CH “Amos” x CH Sonne von Siegerhaus ‘93Top Producer)

D.O.B. 2/4/1990 -

1991 National Top Ten Bitch ARC Group Winner

American/Canadian CHAMPION
Siruis Contendr v Siegerhaus

(ARC GOLD; CH “Amos” x
A/C CH Sonne von Siegerhaus)

D.O.B. 5/24/1991 -

Shown winning Best of Breed over top Ranked specials. Retired with Rod and Tina Brown

American/ Canadian CHAMPION
Nemisis von Siegerhaus


(ARC GOLD; CH Trollegan’s Frodo CD x

D.O.B. 3/10/1982 -

ARC Producer of Merit, MRC’s Honor Roll BOS at Golden Gate K.C. with an entry of 155 V-3 under Helmut Freiberg; ADRK judge Pictured in 1983

American/Canadian CHAMPION
Mein Eiko von Siegerhaus CDX

(ARC BRONZE; CH Stone Hill Wind Mountain Eiko CD x CH “Xandria”)

4/11/1991 – 1999
Fantastic working dog, always ready for whatever you asked!

American/Canadian CHAMPION
Xandria von Siegerhaus CD

(ARC GOLD; CH “Quick” x
ARC BRONZE; CH “Nutmeg”)

D.O.B. 9/17/1986 -
Pictured in 1990

Am/Can CHAMPION Von Marc’s KC von Siegerhaus

(ARC GOLD; CH Birch Hill’s Quincy CD TD x SP Lady Chyme von Siegerhund CD)

8/1990 – 2001

Canadian Best Puppy in Show KC finished her AKC Championship in THREE days with 3 FIVE point majors!

CHAMPION Kyna vom Odenwald CD

(Nowak von der Wigg x A/C CH Kitty vom Kursaal)

3/6/1976 – 1990

1982 Top Producer Kennel Review 1984 Canine Chronicle Top Producer 1985 Rottweiler Review Top Producer MRC’s Hall of Fame 1997 Obedience Top Ten Foundation bitch, producer of 16 title holders! Pictured at over 14 years old

CHAMPION Siegen vom Oldenwald CD

(ARC BRONZE;A/C CH Uwe vom Kursaal x CH Maxi vom Kursaal)

D.O.B. 7/7/1977 -

Finished championship at 16 months, never bred, didn’t pass OFA, but she never hesitated to teach and raise every puppy like it was her own!

American/Canadian CHAMPION
Oden von Siegerhaus TD

(ARC GOLD; CH Trollegan’s Frodo CD x

9/7/1982 - 1992
1st dog von Siegerhaus offered at Stud, but was later overshadowed by Quick. MRC Honor Roll

American/Canadian CHAMPION
Wotan Zwei von Sonnenhaus CD

(ARC BRONZE; CH Wotan vom Kastanienbaum x CH Vala V Kursaal)

4/8/1980 – stolen on 8/1981
Multi Group Placer 1982 Canine Chronicle #9

American/Canadian CHAMPION
Elbo’s Puttin on the Ritz

One of Thom’s first little dogs. He also owned Brussel’s Griffon, a Maltese, a couple of Australian Cattle Dogs and Frankie the Norwich.

Firacres Sparks-a-flyin’CDX

12/21/1985 - 2003

Sparky lived with Teresa for 18 years.Besides competing in Freestyle, Team competition, flyball and obedience, Sparky played “Toto” in Clark College’s Wizard of Oz- pictured with the scarecrow.
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