Neu-Rodes caters to those who like a ‘well-balanced’ dog, that is titles on both ends of the name.  If a dog is here for showing an obedience or rally title can be obtained without paying for board twice.

We do all our own working titles.  We have titled dogs in obedience, rally, carting, agility, herding, tracking and schutzund, as well as lots of BH’s and AD’s.

We do not find that the dogs have any problem doing both conformation and obedience at the same time.  In fact, we find the dogs enjoy the variety!

We also offer basic training for your family dog.  Make your dog a good citizen.  Your company appreciates a well-behaved dog!

We have put obedience titles on several Champions from Rottweiler breeders like Nighthawk, Ravenscrest, Buddenhaus and Summerfield.

2008 Neu-Rodes' "Lu" trials for BH Lu earned his BH, CDX, and CH. in the same year
Cher trialing for BH- THE FRONT. 2008 BH qualifiers: Allgemeiner Hundesport Klub
1st Rottweilers on the West Coast to earn Rally titles! JAN. 2005
08 ARC TopTen Neu-Rodes' "Cher" earns CD BH RE  07 RCC #1 Bitch Ravencrest's "Sugar" earns CD RN
1993 von Siegerhaus'"Herra" earns CDX 1998 ARC TopTen von Siegerhaus' "Hank" earns CD
'02 ARC Top20, 04,05 RCC Top10 "Zorro" earns BH RE BBT 2000 CD- the perfect birthday present for Paula of Summerfield
My superstar "AJ" 1997- Buddenhaus' "Bomber" earns CH, PT HS CD with Teresa
1998- "Travis" owned by Dave and Verlynn Johns earns CDX 1996- "Chanea" owned by Charyn Huestis finished CH and CD
1995- "Rodney" Another High Hills CD. 1978- Siegen earns CD
1990- "Quick" earns CDX at over 7 years of age 1986- "Sparky" first dog to earn CDX with Teresa
To see more dogs who earned obedience titles with Neu-Rodes, please go to our Dogs Shown page