Neu-Rodes News
News 2013 and before.... Battle Ground, WA
Featured Dog- "Telly"
Telly was Top 10 for 2012; also Top 10 2nd Quarter ARK for 2013 with just 3 shows. 
Top 5 Bitch
Multi BOS
Am/Can GCH Neu-Rodes Who Loves Ya Baby V Silverstar RN
Telly started out 2012 as a special to earn her Grand Championship. Along the way, she beat the Westminister winner and 2012's ARC Nationals winner among many other top ranked girls and boys. We took her to 2013 Nationals to represent Neu-Rodes in the TOPTWENTY competition and she scored the highest of all the girls in competition.  At the NATIONALS, Telly was considered with the winner for Best of Breed!  She ended up Select to the winner and got her BRONZE GRAND LEVEL with AKC.
Recent Wins
In just 9 shows!!!!

Pippi comes out to the working dog Specialty and goes Opposite and/or select every day.  Two times defeating the #1 female in the country.  Finishes her Grand in 3 weekends and includes a Best of Breed!
NEW CHAMPION 11/15/2013
Neu-Rodes Red White N Bling

NEW CHAMPION Sept 14th: Parabellum's Pineapple Express to finish his AKC Championship in just 7 shows with Neu-Rodes
Neu-Rodes Shotgun offense

Gunner's 3rd show in the 9-12 class and he wins a four point major!
Bling and Cole and Maya also get majors at the Boise shows!
OCTOBER: Major and NEW CH!
CH Frost-King Carma HIAsdc STD-sdc OTD-sd RLFIs HRDIIs HTADIsd HTDId OFTD-s CS CGC
and Teresa pair up. Teresa and Carma show at only two majors and win them both! Next day moved up to specials and wins her first Grand Champion major over specials with David Bert!    
Neu-Rodes Quicksilver Slater RE BN

Slater comes out and finishes his RA, RE, BN while he is earning his Championship....
Cadie, Ella, Sizzle: The Drake x Cher girls come out for a bit of fun!
Sept 29th: Am/Can GCH Neu-Rodes The Beat Goes On BN CD finishes her RE
Sept 9th:Neu-Rodes Someone to watch over me does her RE BN
(pictured "Ella") AND Neu-Rodes Hot Hot Hot gets off the couch to do the RN.
Sept 1st: Can CH Neu-Rodes Red White N Bling
June 30: Neu-Rodes Cassius Clay
and Neu-Rodes Halloween Treat(pictured)

Sept 15th: Can CH Neu-Rodes Maya Angelou RN
Eter vom Edelstein is owned by Sheri Grant of Stefanhaus Rottweilers. We look forward to bringing him out for AKC in 2014!
Frost-King Carma CS and Teresa pair up. In six shows they've been WB three times earning one of her majors and several points towards her AKC Championship.
All four (of 5) puppies from the Burton x Cher litter to earn Am/Can CHAMPIONS with CD RE! Passion and Palmer have been working hard on new working titles...TD GN for Palmer, GN and hopefully TD soon for Passion. Palmer has two legs towards his CDX as well.
The fifth pup from the Burton x Cher litter doesn't want to be the slacker, and is now out and about too. Congrats Neu-Rodes Hot Rod Lincoln on the shiny new RN and two legs towards your Beginner Novice title.
Best of Opposite Sex at National Specialty!
"Divo" Am/Can GCH Gold Coin's All About Me RN
FLASH- July NEW GRAND CHAMPION in just 10 shows!!!!
MACY- Best of Breed winner!

FLASH: "Macy" BOS over Specials to finish with 4 point major in Idaho, June 13th. Macy is CH Summerfield's Downtown Girl RN TDX HSAs, also High in Herding at Nationals!

Am/Can Champion Neu-Rodes Easy Rider RN CGC! FLASH- July 2013 Wyatt and Bob earn Carting Intermediate and CS!
AUGUST CKC CH with Group Placement
JULY: TAG earns CD with 3 first places!

GCH Glen De Fir's I'm A Joyful Gift RN BN CGC!
owned by Sherilyn Canady

Am/Can GCH Neu-Rodes Make My Day V Silverstar

owned by E.L. and Diana Hancock
Winners Dog for 5 point major, at Southwestern Rottweiler Club Specialty, followed by two more majors for his Championship and then earned his Grand Championship on the same circuit!
DECEMBER 2013: NEW TD: Cher and Teresa fly to San Diego to get Tracking dog title at 9 years of age!.

NOVEMBER 2013: CANADA TRIP: McGraw earns 9 points and Lucy her Championship.
Fate BN RE titles and McGraw earns his Graduate Novice. Jackson his Rally novice title!
OCT 2013: IPO TRIAL ON OCT 6: McGraw, Brock, and TAG earn their BH's.
Tipsy and Cher go tracking! Cher and Teresa earn a 98 for a TR1, and Tipsy and Teresa earn 99 points, out of a possible of 100 for her TR2.
SEPTEMBER 2013: Cher kids very busy: Slater RE and BN, Fate starts Rally advanced, Brock does RE BN, Jag visits for a RN and BN and McGraw does BN too. Ella earns her RA, RE, BN and Sizzle does an RN.
AUGUST 2013: Slater Rally Advanced, Fate Rally novice and Passion does a Graduate Novice.
NEW CKC CHAMPIONS!!!!!Pippi, TAG, Eter, Maya and Macy.....
JULY 2013: Chill and Teresa earn CD with 3 scores over 195! Chill gets his RN too.
Brock and Stacey get the RA, Sherilyn and TAG do 3 in a row 1st place wins for a CD!
Pippi comes out for a weekend earning 20 points toward her GRAND Championship and her Rally Novice Title, including a BOB!
JUNE 2013: Louie and Teresa earn CD with six weeks of training and 3 consecutive runs.
MAY 2013:Toasted earns her RN with a perfect 100 at just 7 months of age
APRIL 2013: ARC NATIONALS: Neu-Rodes Rottweilers were well represented in all venues
TUESDAY: Palmer earns his TD. WEDNESDAY: Toasted wins her Rally Novice class with a 99+++ and McGraw completes his CD with a 196 and 2nd place. THURSDAY: McGraw wins Carting STarted class with a perfect 200, earns his CI with a 199, and Parker wins HIGH IN TEST with a perfect score in Driving! FRIDAY: Telly competes at the Top 20 and earns the highest score of all the girls represented there. SATURDAY: Only one entered in BOB on this day, and Telly wins a Select. SUNDAY: at the Sieger show Palmer earns a V-1 and Wyatt also gets a V rating. Jada gets a VP2.
MARCH 2013: New Champion "Wyatt". Am/Can CH Neu-Rodes Easy Rider CGC and his little sister wins two points on the same day!
JANUARY 2013:  "TAG" comes out as a special and wins two BOB's at the Rose City shows.
"Bella" the Labrador wins her major and completes her Championship with Teresa!
2012 NOVEMBER: Cher kids: Passion, Journey, Cadence, Palmer, Rudie and Slater all make an appearance at the Roseburg obedience and rally trial. 4 new titles and LOTS of first places! Way to go guys.
2012 OCTOBER:At the NW Rottweiler Fanciers Carting trial, Parker earns a perfect score and High in Test from the Excellent Class (driving). Right on his coat tails, also with a perfect score, Howie and Stacey get Reserve High in Trial!
Telly earns RN with 99 points out of 100!
SEPTEMBER:"Ping" earns her CD. Neu-Rodes Sunday Driver CD RE
AUGUST: Parker earns his CD
Passion and Willow both get RA legs with 98,99's and several 1st places, the same weekend their daddy wins a BISS and GROUP 1 at the Working Dog Specialty/ ARC Regional Specialty at 9 years of age!!!!
JULY:Tipsy earns her CDX with a 192.5 and a first place
MAY:ARC NATIONALS: Tipsy and Parker go to Pennsylvania. After almost 3000 miles of driving, they got out of the car and won HIGH IN TRIAL, AND RESERVE HIGH IN TRIAL with two perfect scores. Only three perfect scores were awarded. Parker did all three levels, CS, CI, CX and Tipsy also earned her first leg of her CDX and won the working bitch class! 3000 mile drive back home and two days later, they both competed at a DVG trial- Tipsy earning her TR1 in style with a 92 track, and Parker earning his BH winning High BH at the trial!
APRIL: Rottweiler Club of Canada Nationals in the obedience ring, Neu-Rodes made up 75% of the dogs that earned qualifying scores. Cadence and Tipsy both won 1st place in their classes and Tipsy was Runner up to High in Trial.
MARCH: TOP TEN invitations come for 2010 stats. Tipsy made Top Ten in carting and obedience.
Cadence, Rudie, Passion, and Cole ALL made Top Ten Rally. Drake and Teresa's carting skills make Top Ten status for the third year in a row.
FEBRUARY: Parker finishes RE with three first places!
Scotch earns CD with Teresa 3 consecutive legs and a placement
Journey and Palmer join the rest of the litter (except one) to earn their RN's as puppies. Passion even made Top Ten Rally Novice rankings with her performances!!!!
January 2011- Teresa and Willow earn RN with very limited training before her first birthday!
Perfect score of 100! and a first place first time out. Willow is a Burton daughter owned by Pam Boles and Dave Cowan.  Brave Dave was also seen taking Willow in the ring himself the last day for a totally awesome run after a crash course on Rally from Teresa right before entering the ring!
and to Howie and Stacey for finishing the RE. Also, shout out to friend Linda and Kira who earned their first CDX leg!
-January 23- CONGRATS to Anne and Rudie who did back to back CD legs at the Portland shows with a FIRST place! Neu-Rodes Rudie Can't Fail RN CD