CHIC# 55523
OFA hips-RO60513Good
OFA Elbows- DJD1
OFA Cardiac
July 1998 - January 2013 part of the Longevity study by
Gerald Murphy Foundation
               pictured at 13 years old                                                      pictured at 9 months of age
Dyna taught us so much in her lifetime. She taught us how dogs really do live in the moment and how they can adapt into any lifestyle. For 9 years she had two families who loved her and she moved back and forth from our place to the neighbors without hesitation- immediately falling into step with the pattern and fixed schedule of one, and the flexibility and freedom of the other. Looking back on her life, we can't think of one thing she did wrong!
"MO" as she was known to her closest friends had two small litters but raised an uncountable number of puppies in her lifetime. She taught all of them impeccable manners with other dogs while showing them how to play with kindness. She always looked over the whelping box and alerted us to any puppies who might cry whether they were related to her or not. She got along with almost every dog (except Zap and her daughter Mystic- but they started the family feud!)and never met a human she didn't love.

Along the years, she worked in a retirement home as a therapy dog and did some schutzund with her breeder, and was never really retired from work or play. She competed in Rally while in the double digits completing her RA at 12 years old with a first place and a perfect score at the 2010 Nationals!
She was an all around versatile dog, but the best memories we have of her are calmly carrying her ball everywhere around the house and we sure do miss the "WHOO WHOO" greeting when she just wanted to remind us that LIFE IS GOOD!

CRITIQUE AT 2000 USRC NW REGIONAL "V4"; 2 year old. Scissor bite. Very good size. Good Type. Well Built. Very good front. could be a little bit stronger in croup. Well angulated. Ears a little highset, eyes could be darker. Very good head, very good mouth pigmentation, good coat. Markins could be clearer defined on foreshect. Very good movement. FRANS SCHAAF
Dyna's sire:"JACK"

Jack was owned by Neu-Rodes
V-1 Am/Can UCI CH Jack B Quick von Siegerhaus CD PT BH AD, RTD CGC
ARC Bronze Producer
Dyna's dam:"Devon"

owned by Karen Holder-Ginotti of Black Ives Rottweilers
Devon Lynn's Black Gold PPD1 BH CD CS CI TT