Teaching a dog to drive a cart with precision and willingness takes time, commitment and a great dog.  When done right can be very rewarding.
Teaching a sound dog to pull a cart is very very easy.  Beginning a dog in carting safely requires two people
The Rottweiler heritage includes pulling carts for farmers, butchers, bakers, merchants and families in the marketplace of Europe.  Many types of dogs were used to haul supplies like milk jugs or wood. It is obvious to us now that Rottweilers were one of them. Simply hitch one to a cart and see for yourself, some dogs are such naturals that it must run in the blood!
People have always been interested in carting with their Rottweilers.  As time goes on, carting is more recognized as a fun activity and a competition. The American Rottweiler Club held it’s first carting trial at the 2000 Nationals in Petaluma, CA.  Since then, they have offered a trial every year at the Nationals. Aj and I have won High in Trial at 3 out of 4 we’ve attended.  The first one I had an arm in a cast and one handed driving proved difficult for me! Recently they have begun keeping track of their trials and calculate a TopTen for each year.
The Northwest has an average of one test a year but as the interest increases, so will the trials.  We do our best to support them when they are available. At the first NW trial, “Friday” won High in trial with a perfect score in the started class and ended up #1 carting started dog for 2007. 6 Neu-Rodes titles were earned, and Canada’s 2007 #1 Rottweiler driving dog “Nash” earned his driving title.
<<Friday- #1 CS Rott 2007

Nash Bridges CS CI CX” >>
Carting is very different than weight pulling.  Carting is more about control, precision, and a stable temperament.  When you hook a Rottweiler to a cart, it changes their image and overrides any negative reputations.  The general public flocks to them, they want to pet them and ask questions, many of them would even like to have their kids ride.  In this way, the cart becomes a great educational tool and the dog becomes an ambassador for the breed
The competitions are fun.  It’s very rewarding to take a known ‘pretty’ dog and show off that they have the ability to work as well.  Here are two dogs that are Nationally ranked in conformation earning titles at the Nationals.
<<BISS, BIS Am/Can CH Luxor von Stefanhaus CD CS CI ARC TOPTEN’03, #1 dog in Canada’03

2xSelect BOSS Am/Can CH Ismai CS  ARC TOPTEN’04 >>
It’s great to meet other people who have dogs with the same talent, but the enjoyment really comes from learning to work as a team with dogs that seem to already know what it’s all about.  Taking that teamwork to a trial and being successful is the icing on the cake!
<<Nash earns CI 2-22-07

Lu earns CI and High in Trial #1Carting intermediate dog 07 >>
  watch AJ perform at 8 years old at the GSRC ARC carting trial
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